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white concrete house near green tree during daytime
white concrete house near green tree during daytime

Maclean's Consulting Partner Network: Building Your Property Success Together

Welcome to Maclean's Consulting, your trusted partners in your property journey. We are dedicated to helping you discover your ideal property in Valencia and the surrounding areas. From the initial property search to the final transaction, we're with you every step of the way. Our services include property searches, accompanying you on visits, conducting property inspections, and ensuring a smooth transaction process until completion. We're here to make your property dreams a reality. Reach out today to learn more about our services!

Our Services

  • Comprehensive Exploration: We explore both on-market and off-market opportunities to find the perfect property for you.

  • Local Market Expertise: We leverage our deep understanding of the local market to identify hidden gems.

  • Property Visits: We organize and lead property visits, ensuring you can make informed decisions.

  • Negotiation: We secure the best possible deal for buyers.

  • Beyond Real Estate: Apart from our property services, we guide clients in discovering and acquiring small businesses or launching new ventures.

  • Comprehensive Guidance: We offer comprehensive support, covering market research, strategic planning and tax accounting to lay the groundwork for your business success.

  • Tailored Solutions: All our services are customised to align with your specific goals and aspirations.

  • Destination Orientation: Get to know your new location and secure housing and transportation.

  • Education Guidance: Assistance with school selection and enrollment.

  • Day-to-Day Assistance and Services Support: We help with random tasks and essential services, making your daily life and utility setup smoother.

  • Ongoing Support: Continuous assistance post-relocation.

  • Real Estate Consulting: Strategic planning for your investment goals.

  • Property Analysis and Evaluation:Expert property assessments for informed decisions.

  • Market Research and Trends: In-depth market insights for wise investments.

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Navigating complex real estate laws.

  • Client Education: Empowering you with knowledge for informed decisions.

  • Property Marketing and Guest Management:Attractive listings, bookings, and high visibility.

  • Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Boost: Expert strategies to maximize income.

  • Property Care and Guest Support: Cleaning, maintenance, and 24/7 guest assistance.

  • Legal Compliance and Documentation: Ensuring adherence to regulations.

  • Investment Insights: Property analysis, financing, and management.

  • Legal and Compliance: Real estate transactions and risk mitigation.

  • Property Management: Include tenant relations, maintenance, and financials.

  • Market Trends: Stay updated on real estate market research.

  • Customized Workshops: Tailored sessions for professionals and organizations.

Start your real estate journey with confidence!

Strategic Property Search

Relocation Services

Holiday Rentals Management Services

Entrepreneurial Support

Consulting and Advisory Services

Real Estate Education and Workshops

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men and women sitting and standing while staring at laptop
  • Global Property Sales: Sell properties worldwide, not just in Spain.

  • Collaboration Opportunities: Be part of a team and learn from top-level agents.

  • Ready-Made Business: Start with a pre-established business without franchise fees to pay.

  • Property Database Access: Access a vast property collection.

  • Easy set up: Gain the benefits of a broker without the legal or administrative responsibilities.

  • Referral Opportunities: Get paid for referring clients.

  • Full flexibility: Work from anywhere in the world.

Become Our Partner

Interested in starting your own relocation, real estate or property management business with only 500 euros of investment?

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MacBook Pro near green potted plant on table

Check out our offers:

  • Business Setup & Guidance: Legal requirements and structure assistance.

  • Online Presence: Business website and social media setup.

  • Education & Training: Access to resources and expertise enhancement.

  • Marketing Support: Brand and strategy for client attraction.

  • Networking: Valuable industry connections.

  • Ongoing Mentorship: Continuous guidance for success.

Who We Are

At Maclean's Consulting, we are a team of independent property consultants with extensive experience in the Valencia real estate market. We provide a range of services to help clients find, buy, sell, and rent properties, as well as offer relocation advice and investment strategies.

Dariga Irmekbayeva

Business Consultant & Real Estate Investor

Dariga is a versatile professional with a strong background in finance, business consulting, and a successful track record as a real estate investor. She excels in strategic planning, optimizing business operations, and property management. Additionally, Dariga specializes in real estate business consultancy, guiding entrepreneurs in setting up their own real estate agencies and providing tailored solutions to their entrepreneurial needs. Fluent in Russian, English, and Spanish, Dariga connects effectively with a diverse clientele, enriching her approach as a real estate professional.

Miguel Flich Cardo

Real estate expert

Miguel is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience known for his leadership and expertise in the industry. He has consistently delivered exceptional results and services, establishing a strong reputation in the real estate market. Miguel's vast network and commitment to excellence make him a trusted advisor for clients at all levels, from first-time buyers to serial investors.

Ana Weihong Ji Ye

Real estate and property management expert

Ana is a seasoned professional with dual expertise in the real estate industry. Serving as a property consultant, she guides individuals in buying, selling, and investing in properties in Spain, drawing from her deep knowledge of the local real estate market. Additionally, she brings valuable experience in property management to her portfolio.

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We specialize in assisting you in two fundamental areas: finding your ideal home or identifying the most promising investment opportunities in Valencia and throughout Spain. Whether you are looking for a place to call home or seeking to make a smart investment, our extensive experience and years of knowledge are at your service.